5th Impact of Art and Cultures SZTUKOWANIE 2011 "East-West"

Soon starts the fifth edition of the festival. We show the most interesting performances, stock theatre, dance and the performative action, starting from closed intimate performances through big street productions, till the experimental operation in unusual urban spaces. In addition, unique films, exhibitions, painting and photo galleries, and at the end of the day - music concerts.

Sztukowanie is the only event in Poland, where each edition has a different form and content. The feature of the event is the clash between different style and way of creative work but also, if not more important is meeting people during this few magic days.

The project comes with the art to the people, engaging them in activities festival (such as "Patchworking of Gryfino" where residents and artists together form the landscape architecture, take action happenings, etc). The event takes place at four points (two stages and two closed squares), thus allowing to reach a wide audience in this small city.

For the fifth edition of Sztukowania we invited nearly 150 artists from the Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Denmark, and Japan, we?ll clash east and west, tradition and modernity, an alternative to the mainstream.

But Sztukowanie is also the meeting inspiring people, while attractions such as the Tea from the World, Bodypainting Contest, or Silent Disco - want to learn more about these unique events? Go to