Mademoiselle Cinema - "The Mysterious Place"


Recorded images, images in real time, and dance are all woven together to create a fantasy of home and family life. The starting point of this story is the year 1989, when the Berlin Wall collapsed. The world and family relationships have been changing at a frenetic pace, and it is increasingly difficult to maintain a shared sense of happiness and understanding. Scenes from past and present, people and images of Berlin and of Tokyo are linked and brought together. The dancers belong to different generations, and come from different birthplaces and countries.

artistic director, choreographer: Naoko Ito
dancers: Atsuko Murakumo, Chiaki Noguchi, Tamami Takenoshita, Maiko Date, Nao Oshima, Maya Ito, Sayaka Sasaki
video artist: Masayo Kajimura
stage artist: Kuni Wakao
costume designer: Matsuno Harada
lighting director: Miho Ishizeki
sound director: Michitaka Ueda
stage manager: Ichiro Sekine
producer: Takashi Ito


4th september 2011  - 20:30


Culture House of Gryfino Szczecinska Street