Dance Theater Ego Vu - "ViĽon"

Visual Art

This etude is built on a improvisation. It's the improvisation which gives dancer a chance make some searching by their own, opens their imagination and subconscious and allows them to create a character by their own feelings, not by the vision of choreographer. This makes the dancers independent and gives them an opportunity to be a creator of determined work. Dancers will present themselves in stylization made by Ewa's and Krzysztof's Winiarski Make up Institute from Szczecin, which the group is cooperating with for last couple of years.

choreography: Eliza Hołubowska
music: Future Sound Of London
dancers: Joanna Bu¶ko, Katarzyna D±bek, Justyna Paluszyńska, Karolina Partyka, Weronika Potepa, Nicol Wesołowska


4th september 2011  - 17:00


Culture House of Gryfino Szczecinska Street