Teatr Odnaleziony - "Pret-a-Porter - Women's fragrance"


Ready to wear in women's fragrance is a multithreaded story showing a life of an earth creatures, which were created by humans. The plot focuses on finding solutions for social problems and showing humans emotional states. It's an attempt to touch a gluttonous part of male nature in opposition to the feministic story about a women who became a "house tool". Fairylike interpretation transporting into bliss of irony, cynicism and alienation. This performance is a closure of other shows inspired by the work of Elfriede Jelinek. After shows like "Anzelm" and "Extra Polish", "Pret-a-Porter" is complement of a world seen by the eyes of a women.

screenplay, direction: £ukasz Duda
production Designer: Wiktor Szyba³din, £ukasz Duda
coproduction: Teatr Odnaleziony, Jeleniogórskie Centrum Kultury
actors: Agata Mamzer, Piotr Kamola, Joanna Kowalska, Alicja Perdion, Andrzej Marchowski, Kamila G±siorowska, Renata Marchowska


4th september 2011  - 18:00


Culture House of Gryfino Szczecinska Street